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高校卒業後はニューヨークへ渡り、ニューヨーク市立大学City College校音楽学部ジャズパフォーマンス科に入学。
ジャズギターをBrad Shepik, Vic Juris, Richard Boukasらに師事。
在学中からギタリストとエレクトリック・ベーシストとしてCornelia Street Café、55 bar、Bitter Endといったニューヨークの様々なクラブで、また国連本部でも演奏するなどして活躍。
また日本では2009年、Global Jazz Orchestraと共にジャズピアニストの小曽根真とも共演。
ソロ活動の他、Global Jazz OrchestraやSky End、Star In Greenといたバンドでも活動中。

また演奏以外では、日本で珍しいとされる【ネイティブから学ぶJazz Vocal発音ワークショップ】と名付けた講座を東京・大阪・神戸で定期的に開催し、好評を博している。

Jesse Forest is a guitarist who blends the passions of jazz and black American music with the energy of rock. His music has a deep quality that is both sad and uplifting. The guitar takes many parts, like soft lines from a trumpet or a waterfall sound.
His career has involved classical guitar performance, playing in rock and roll groups, and ambient jazz guitar. He is a also a prolific composer who is try to push the edges of the new sound of jazz. He wants to make a sound that comes into the listener and freezes a moment in their life.
Jesse Forest received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz Performance with honors from The City College of New York and has chaired best of state competitions and participated in intensives at the Eastman school of Music. Since moving to NYC, he has been active as a guitarist and electric bassist, performing at venues such as the Cornelia Street Cafe, the 55 bar, the United Nations, and the Bitter End. He has also performed in jazz clubs in Japan and with the Global Jazz Orchestra. He continues to perform and compose music with different ensembles in the metropolitan area.



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